Yes, this page is a blog of sorts, but it’s also a way to share what I see and experience when I’m in prayer.
I believe in Yahoshuvah, his father Yahweh, and the Ruach Ha’Kodesh-
That’s Jesus, his father God, and the Holy Spirit

I grew up in the american protestant church, and have experienced a lot of different things. I love Yahoshuvah’s name because I didn’t grow up learning the richness of my bible in it’s hebrew contexts, just the english material flitered down from greek and many generations of english scholarship.

If you want to know where I learned the things I share here, well.. I learned them out of a hunger for learning more about my king and developing a prayerful dialogue with him through the Ruach haKodesh. There’s a lot of excellent teaching available through searches like this one, and I just researched all the subjects I could get through my curious brain on the long nights.

So welcome to my list of posts! (A post is a block of text put up on the internet, like on a forum.) I’m calling them articles, because hey, heck, sometimes I write really long posts. 😮

So here’s a list!

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