About me

Here we are, you and I. I’ve got coffee, you’ve got tea, nice to meet you!
So you’d like to know a bit about me?

I am from America. Well, I grew up there and took a business degree in multimedia and web design, and I got to know a person from Denmark when I was a teenager through a video game interest chatroom online in the 90s. I live in Denmark now because I met an awesome Dane, we were married in 2002 in the states.

Denmark’s kinda awesome because I got a chance to take a fresh education after the first decade of living here. I had some health challenges when I first arrived, and I currently use a prostesis for my left hand. It’s an interesting piece of tech, it’s battery driven and uses bluetooth, and I control it through sensors that lay in the holster that have skin contact.

However, that doesn’t stop me from writing up a storm when near a keyboard. Feel free to ask me to show you how fast write if we meet up some day!

The education I took was a danish course for IT-support. I learned how to build and support small to medium business networks, repair and troubleshoot hardware and software, and a lot besides. You can read about it in my CV. 🙂

There’s a lot more to write, there’s always a good story to tell, but this is enough for the moment.

◊♦♣ Work in Progress! Thank you for your patience. ♣♦◊